Google’s new history of Japan is like a book of fiction

A new Google history of the nation of Japan, dubbed Google Japan, is like “a book of fantasy,” said Eric Grosse, the company’s director of historical research.

“It’s a very different world to the one that we live in today,” he said.

Google Japan focuses on Japan’s past, and its role in the Cold War, Grosse said.

“The history is important, but it’s not the main focus,” he added.

“In terms of the overall story, we’re focused on the story of the 20th century.”

Google Japan will be available for a limited time on the Google Play Store, which includes games, apps and content from the company.

The app is also available for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Grosse told the Washington Post that Google’s goal is to give the history a more immersive feel.

“We don’t want to have it feel like you’re sitting on a table with a list of people and all of the books,” he explained.

“That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

It’s supposed, as the title of the book says, to be a fantasy.”

Grosse says the new Google History app includes a “history of war” section that is meant to be interactive and easy to navigate.

It will have information on the war, from the Japanese military to the American and Japanese armies during World War II.

“There’s going to be history in there,” Grosse explained.

He also says the app will be more accurate and detailed in its information.

“Historians don’t use a lot of words,” Golf said.

But he does want Google to include history of other topics that people may not be aware of.

“You’re going to find stuff that you don’t even know about, but you might want to know about,” Gross said.

It has already generated controversy, however, as it focuses on Japanese history and ignores the history of Westerners.

Critics say Google has been trying to erase the country from the world map, and that it should focus more on the history and culture of other countries.

Google has also drawn criticism for making some of its historical content available only on the internet, such as the history that goes into Google Maps.

“Google is a global company,” Gosel said.

And he said the company would like to focus on creating more of its own history.

“When you start building history, you have to make it available to other people,” he told the Post.

“So we are working on making it more of a global experience.

But it will not be the same experience as Google Japan.”

Google also recently started offering a digital history book of the United States, but Grosse dismissed that idea as “a little bit silly.”