How to stop yourself from reading bad history online

Google’s search engine has been accused of being a racist site after it appeared to be blocking racist history on the internet.

The news came as a user named Derek Chauvin made a series of posts about being an Australian who “lives in a country with a huge amount of black people”.

The posts were later deleted, but were still seen by millions of people on the website.

Google removed the posts, saying they were “inappropriate”.

“We take these reports very seriously, and we’ve taken down these posts,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“As with all reports, we encourage people to report these issues to the relevant Google team.”

What happened to the posts?

The user Derek Chauvins post about being Australian.

The site blocked his posts.

However, he says that the content was removed by mistake, because he deleted his account.

He is now trying to get Google to correct the error.

“I’ve spent the last six months trying to make it clear that I’m not racist, but I can’t do that with my account,” he said.

The company told Tech Crunch that the posts were removed due to “potential privacy issues”, but they wouldn’t say why. “

Unfortunately, it seems like it was the wrong decision.”

The company told Tech Crunch that the posts were removed due to “potential privacy issues”, but they wouldn’t say why.

The first post, posted in July 2014, reads: “We are a racist country.

I live in Australia.”

The second post, published on January 11, 2016, says: “I live in a racist nation.”

The first was made before the search giant began censoring racist posts, but the second was posted just months after.

The posts said the following: “You [sic] so ignorant.

Your ignorance about history is so appalling.

And the fact that you’re going to pretend to be some kind of historian is just pathetic.”

The tweets were made in response to racist comments that were posted on social media.

Google has been criticised for not addressing racism when it comes to racist content, and it is now investigating the issue.

The company is also investigating the content of posts that are blocked, with the result of which could result in a penalty for the user.

“We’re working with our partners to see how to resolve this issue, and have also received a number of complaints from our community,” the spokesperson said.