How to view Netflix viewing history on Android using a Google Chromecast

Android users can use the Google Chromecast to watch Netflix on their Android phones.

Google’s Chromecast is a device that connects to your TV and connects to the internet.

The Chromecast uses a Google Cardboard VR viewer app to make it easier to watch your favorite Netflix shows, movies, and TV shows on the go.

We can show you how to do it by showing you how the process works with the following steps.


Connect the Chromecast to your Android phone or tablet via HDMI.

This will require you to plug the HDMI cable into your TV.

This is a free app and you can download it for free here.2.

Find the Chromecasts TV show you want to watch.

Tap on it.

If it’s a TV show, tap on the Show button to show it.

It will take you to the Chromebox application.

This app will allow you to watch the show using the Google Cardbot.

This means you can browse through your shows on your Android phones or tablets with the Cardbot, which will then open a YouTube video for you to play back.

You’ll see a list of videos in the app, and you’ll see your shows history.

Tap the Show icon to show your content in the Chromemos TV show list.3.

Open the Cardboard app on your phone or tablets phone and use the cardbot to play through your YouTube videos on your Cardboard.

You can watch your Cardbot videos from anywhere in your Android home screen, which can be anywhere in the world.

You could also watch your videos on Google Home.4.

Go to YouTube and tap the View button to see your Cardbots videos.

You will be taken to the Cardbots main page, which shows your content.

Tap a video to watch it.

The Cardbot will then ask you for permission to play it.

You should receive a message stating that you have permission to watch a video.

If you do, tap “Continue” to continue playing.

The cardbot will continue playing the video and you will see your video history.5.

If the CardBot is still not showing your videos, tap the Show and Continue button to watch them.

You won’t see the cardbots list of available videos.

It might take some time, so you’ll need to scroll through it to see it.6.

Go back to YouTube, and click on the “Play” button to start watching.7.

Once you’ve watched the video, tap a button to save it on your device.

Tap “Restore” to save the video on your Google Cardbook VR viewer.

You may have to restart the Cardboards Cardboard on your iPhone or iPad, but it’s very simple to do once you’ve saved the video.8.

After you’ve finished watching the video you can open YouTube, search for the card you saved, and use Cardboard to watch all of your videos.

This includes your Cardbob videos.

If YouTube doesn’t show the Cardbobs videos, you’ll have to use Cardbot to watch and watch all videos.9.

Tap one of the card’s titles to go to the Cards list.

Tap that card, then scroll down until you see “View Cardbots content.”

Tap the card and watch the Cardbeater video on YouTube.

If there are no videos, then you don’t have permission.

You don’t need to log out of Cardboard or sign in again to watch videos.10.

Once the Cardboaters Cardbot video is over, you can then go back to Cardbot and watch your video again.

You need to sign in or sign up again.

If you’re having issues with Cardboard, make sure to get a Google account to try out Cardbot as a way to watch Cardbombers content.

You can also check out Cardbastards Cardbot page on Google Play.