Polio vaccine is history, but history is still on the minds of people

By Mark RobinsonThe history channel has a new series on Polio, focusing on the story of its history.

Polio History: From the Beginning features a number of interviews with some of the key figures in the story, including Andrew Fenton, who was an early and outspoken advocate for the vaccine, and Andrew Witty, a doctor who is still a respected expert in the field.

The series also includes an introduction from Professor Andrew Wilson, who is the author of Polio: An Illustrated History.

Professor Wilson said it was important for people to know how the polio vaccine was developed, and the journey of how we got to the stage where we have today, when we have got the highest-level of vaccine protection.

“It is not the perfect vaccine, but the fact that it has been developed to work, it is the best vaccine ever devised,” he said.

“I think the greatest tragedy of Polios is that there has not been a single vaccine developed which can protect against this disease.”

Dr Wilson is also the co-author of The Polio Fact Book, which he has edited, and he said the book was an invaluable source for people interested in the history of the polio epidemic.

“What we need to do is put together a collection of facts and figures to show the story behind the pandemic and how it happened,” he told RN Breakfast.

“There is a huge amount of information in the book, so it is very easy to go to the website and look up facts.”

This is something that is very important for any historian to have in their hands, so we can have a look at how it all happened and what we could have done to protect our country.

“The Polio Myth is available now on Amazon.