When Vikings lost to Seahawks, their fans wore black shirts and black jerseys

When the Vikings lost Sunday to the Seahawks, the Vikings fans in the stadium wore black jerseys and black shirts.

It was a rare moment when the Vikings and Seahawks faced off in uniform and, in many ways, the fans in Seattle were the ones who got to decide the outcome.

The Vikings were down 4-3 early in the fourth quarter and it looked like they would go down to defeat.

Instead, the Seahawks took the lead early in overtime and scored a touchdown on their own.

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater then threw an interception and the Seahawks defense gave up another score on their next possession.

The game ended in a Vikings victory.

What made the moment even more interesting was that in the end, there were Vikings fans out there who wore black jersey and black shirt shirts, and those fans had to do it in their own stadium.

The black jerseys went up during the game, and the Vikings were wearing them for the first time since their last game in 2001.

The Seahawks were wearing black shirts but not black jerseys.

When asked what he was wearing in black shirts, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said, “Black shirts, black jerseys, black socks.”

The Vikings got their first victory of the season against the Seahawks on Sunday.

The first win for the Vikings came after they had lost four straight games and were 2-2 in the NFC North.

“They’re just going to keep grinding,” said quarterback Teddy Lundquist.

“It’s all about finding ways to win.

We have to find a way to win football games.

“This game, this team is ready for anything. “

They have a good offense, and it’s not a defense that we are going to play. “

This game, this team is ready for anything.

We’re just trying to find ways to play defense and offense, just keep trying to win.” “

There’s going to be a lot more opportunities in this league to find out how good we are.

We’re just trying to find ways to play defense and offense, just keep trying to win.”

Vikings running back Christian Ponder ran for 113 yards and three touchdowns, and quarterback Teddy Lindquist threw for the fourth touchdown pass of his career, his fifth of the game.

Vikings receiver Christian Perna caught two passes for a touchdown.

They were all in the red zone.

“I know they had a great offense, but it’s going into the red zones that they’re going to find us,” Lindquist said.

“That’s why I’m proud of this team.

We had a lot to do tonight and I think we did a good job of blocking out the defense and getting the ball out quickly.

We didn’t give them much room to get out.”

The Seahawks, though, did take advantage of an opening that the Vikings gave up.

They didn’t allow Bridgewater to complete a pass, instead forcing two turnovers on their first drive of the fourth.

The defense also made a big play when cornerback Kyle Fuller was able to make a play on Bridgewater’s pass.

“If we get a chance to go up and do a little something, we’re going in there,” Lindqvist said.

Lindquist went on to say that if the Vikings get a better first drive, they should be able to beat Seattle in the first half.

“Right now, we have to be ready to go in there and beat them in the second half,” he said.

The second half ended in Minnesota’s 24-17 victory.

“When you’re winning and the momentum is coming back, the pressure is on the defense,” said Lindquist.

That pressure didn’t stop after that, and on third and goal, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson threw an incomplete pass to safety Harrison Smith.

Smith then intercepted Bridgewater at the Seahawks 30-yard line.

“The play was a lot better than it should have been,” said Smith.

“He had to take a couple steps to throw the ball, and he made a couple of really good decisions on that play.

It didn’t look like that play was going to make any difference.”

Lindquist was quick to point out that the interception was a result of the Vikings offense being out of sync.

“Our offense wasn’t executing,” he continued.

“On third down, they had no timeouts.

They ran the ball four times and they were out of timeouts, and then they had to run the ball three times and then run the football once.

That’s a bad play call by the defense.”

The next play in the Vikings’ drive gave the defense another opportunity.

Running back Stefon Diggs ran up the middle and found running back Dalvin Cook for a first down.

However, the pass was incomplete, and Cook was tackled for a loss of two yards.

The next possession of the third quarter, the defense gave the Seahawks another opportunity when safety Marcus Sherels caught a pass from quarterback Russell Shepard.

Sherelz ran back to the sideline and made a play to free up running back Devontae Booker