How Vikings fans can be forgiven for missing the movie channel

It’s been five months since Vikings fans were shocked to find out the team had been dropped from the Disney channel, but the network has had plenty of time to regroup.

The channel was given the go-ahead to bring back Vikings-themed TV shows and features in 2017, and the channel announced that it will have a Vikings-inspired version of “Celebrity Game Night” as well as an online channel.

“Celebration Night” is a short, mockumentary-style series featuring “Celebs” (and their families) playing games on the “Celebrate Minnesota” game night series.

The series is also set to air on the channel’s social media channels, as well.

The first episode of “celebrity game night” will air in October.

The second episode will air on Nov. 3.

The final episode will be released in early 2017.

The new series will air from 8 p.m. to 10 p.p.m., with a new episode airing every Sunday.

The show will also air on Vikings games and other events throughout the season, including the season opener on Dec. 4.