Google history shirt – what is history?

Black History shirts are a popular choice among students and visitors at Harvard University’s undergraduate history program.

This week, the online retailer announced that it will be producing the first of five versions of the shirt featuring images of former slaves, civil rights leaders, black students and others.

The new shirt will be available in June at the online shop and online stores including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, with a price tag of $20.

The shirt is a homage to the University of Minnesota’s Black History Museum, which opened last month.

“We were very excited to work with Google to produce this shirt,” said Elizabeth Burch, an associate professor of history at Harvard and one of the designers of the new shirt.

“It’s really about recognizing history through history.”

The Black History shirt was inspired by the “Black History in Context” exhibition that opened at the museum last month and will continue to be available through June, Burch said.

Google is using its search engine to highlight black history, said Dan Savage, a senior curator at the Black History museum.

He said the shirt is designed to reflect that.

“The purpose of this shirt is to bring people to the Black Heritage Museum, where the Black history is so much bigger than Google,” Savage said.