Which US presidential candidates are most likely to be black?

Black history quotes The US presidential election season has been one of the most racially charged in recent memory.

On the one hand, candidates from both major parties are taking up the mantle of “America First”, and on the other hand, a growing number of politicians and pundits have suggested that black Americans are somehow less patriotic, less patriotic than whites, less intelligent, and more prone to racism and bigotry.

But in recent months, a handful of candidates have attempted to break the taboo by making racially charged statements in interviews and in the form of campaign material.

The latest example is former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on January 12, he said: ‘It’s not hard to be more confident in America if you look at who you’re dealing with.’

In response, many social media users commented: ‘Why are these politicians still allowed to say this?

It’s the truth.’

On Tuesday, the candidate tweeted a picture of himself with a black family: ‘The family of a black man shot and killed by a police officer in Dallas, Texas.

Please send prayers.’

The candidate has since deleted the tweet, and he has yet to publicly apologise for it.

The candidate’s comments are not the first time that the former governor has made racially charged remarks.

In January, he compared the treatment of African Americans in the US to the treatment he received in his homeland of Cuba.

He told a crowd at the George Washington University: ‘When I was in Cuba, there were no Black people.

When I came home, they were being murdered.

And when I went back, they weren’t.

‘The world is the same.

And you know, the Cuban people have been fighting this for 100 years and they are the ones who are doing the killing and they have the right to be there.’

I don’t believe in a black and white world.

The world is made up of shades of grey, and if you can see the world in black and brown, you know it’s black and there’s a little bit of white in it, too.’

The only people that get killed, you’ll find, are Black people, because that’s what the media says.’

In his January interview with Matthews, the former president made a similar comment about police officers.

‘If you’re a police department that gets it wrong, you’re not going to be doing a good job,’ he said.