How to delete your Amazon purchase history from Facebook and YouTube

A few months ago, I decided to try out Google Chrome.

Google has always been my favorite browser and when it comes to online shopping, it’s the one that gets the job done.

But when I wanted to get rid of my Amazon purchase histories, I didn’t want to be a Google user anymore.

So I deleted all of my history.

I deleted my browsing history.

And I deleted everything.

This was my last resort before going dark on Google Chrome and Google’s Chrome Web Store.

I wanted something that would never be used again and that was safe.

I knew that the Amazon purchase information would not be deleted.

I figured that since I was deleting my Google browsing history, that it would be easy to find and delete my Amazon purchases.

I didn.

When I went dark on the Google Chrome browser, I could not access any of my purchases or the Google purchase history.

The only thing that was saved was a single Amazon purchase.

But that was not the whole story.

If I had just used the Amazon data protection tools I installed earlier, that data would have disappeared.

But the Amazon browser and Chrome Webstore, which I have used for years, had their own security features built into them that would only allow you to retrieve purchases and not the Amazon history.

So if I wanted all of the data that I deleted, I had to use the browser’s built-in tools and use those tools to delete all of that data and restore it.

The same goes for all of Google’s other tools.

If you’re not using them, you’re never going to be able to delete the Amazon purchases, which are protected by your data.

So this whole process was a nightmare.

Here’s what I did.


Turn off Google Chrome on your Chromebook.

You can turn off Google on your computer and Chromebook using Chrome’s Control Panel.


Launch the Chrome browser and go to the Settings tab.

Under Privacy, click on the Settings link.

You’ll be asked to turn on data protection.

This will allow you access to Google’s data and purchases.


Click on the Data Protection tab and then click on Activate Data Protection.


Go to the Google account management settings and click on Add an account.

This is where you will add a new Google account that will protect your Google purchases and the Amazon information.


Choose the type of data you want to protect from Google and then select the account you want the data from.

Once you’ve done that, click Activate Data Protect.


You’re now ready to get back to your Google Chrome browsing history and Google purchase data.

Go back to Chrome’s settings page and then turn on the Privacy feature under Privacy.


If the data protection settings are set to Always, you can enable or disable the privacy setting in the Privacy panel.


Now you’re ready to delete any data that you want from your Google accounts.

Delete your browsing history Now that you have all of your Amazon purchases removed, you are ready to clear your Google history.

To delete the browsing history of your Google account, go to Google Chrome’s Privacy Settings.

Under the General section, you’ll see a section called Google History.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Delete button.

Now that your Google History is gone, you should see it again in the Google History window.

Google Chrome will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete it.

If it asks you to delete this information, you will need to click Delete to delete that information.

Once it has deleted it, you need to go to Chrome Web stores settings and disable the data and purchase history protection settings.

Go here and click Data Protection and then Activate Data.

The Amazon purchases will now be deleted from Google Chrome as well.

Delete Amazon purchases from Google When you’re done with that, it is a good idea to delete Amazon purchases in Google Chrome so that your data won’t be used in Google’s products.

Delete Google’s shopping history Delete the Amazon browsing history from Google.

Go ahead and click Settings, click the Advanced tab and turn off Data Protection for all settings.

Now click on Delete and confirm that your purchases will be removed.

To complete this process, go back to Google Web stores and turn on Privacy and click Activate.

When you are done with this process and you’re happy with the privacy settings, click Save Changes and save your changes.

Delete the data protections for all Google accounts Delete all data protection from all Google account.

Go into your Google Account Management, and under Account Management go to Data Protection, and click Delete.

Go through all of this again and it should be easier.