When does Easter fall? – ABC News

Australia has traditionally celebrated Easter Sunday in April.

But in recent years, it has been moved to June for more social events and celebrations.

Now, in 2019, it is set to be celebrated on the fourth day of the Gregorian Calendar.

Why does it happen?

A large part of Easter’s significance comes from the fact that the Gregorians celebrate Easter on the third day of their year, rather than the last day of a four-month calendar.

This means that the date is always marked by a date of the month, but it is also the date when Easter falls on the calendar year.

How do I know it’s Easter?

You can see Easter on your calendar.

It’s marked by the date of March 1.

But this is a date that is only a few days old, and therefore has little significance to the observant.

However, this does not mean that you can’t celebrate Easter any time of the year.

As long as you follow a simple rule, you will be able to observe the first day of Easter on March 1 of the calendar years 2019 and 2020.

Why is it important to know when Easter happens?

Easter is the culmination of the first three months of the new year.

The new year begins on February 20, and it begins on the day after Easter.

The Gregorian calendar has three months and three days each year.

In the new calendar year, the first four months of 2019 will be the longest month and last month of the whole year.

This month will be marked by January, February and March, while the next four months will be March, April, May and June.

The first two months of 2021 are the shortest months of each calendar year and the last month, and this is the last calendar year in which Easter is celebrated.

You can read more about Easter in the New Year Calendar and the Gregoria calendar.

How to celebrate Easter: The best places to see Easter In Australia, Easter is generally celebrated at a few locations.

In most of these places, Easter celebrations are very formal and public.

Some of these celebrations are organised by the local churches.

In Adelaide, Easter celebrates at the Adelaide Cathedral, which is built by the Anglican Church.

It is decorated with crosses and a traditional Easter scene.

Other Easter celebrations include the Easter Parade in the CBD, and the Easter Island Parade, where people walk along a pathway on the island of Easter Island.

In Perth, Easter festivals are held in the Gold Coast, and Easter celebrations at the St George’s Cathedral are at least as formal as those at Adelaide.

There are also Easter ceremonies held at the Western Sydney Cathedral, the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In Melbourne, the Victorian Parliament House and other public buildings are also used for public Easter celebrations.

Easter celebrations can also be held at Sydney’s main train station, and at Sydney airport.

Easter ceremonies can also take place in churches and at other public places.

In Canberra, Easter ceremonies are also held at local churches in Canberra and in the city’s parks.

Easter festivals can also sometimes take place at private and public churches.

Why do people go to Easter celebrations?

Easter celebrations have a lot of social and cultural significance.

People of all ages and all walks of life can gather and participate in this important religious festival.

Some people go as far as attending religious services at churches or in public places, or attending community events.

Easter also is celebrated by many Australians, including Australians living in India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Easter is also celebrated in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

People around the world celebrate Easter with religious and cultural celebrations around the globe.

In some countries, Easter services are held every year, while others celebrate the first Sunday of May.

Easter celebration in Australia If you are travelling to a country that celebrates Easter, be aware that it may not be possible to attend Easter services in your country.

Easter services can be conducted at local and public places around the country.

Some countries have an Easter church, or a national church, which can be a good place to attend a service if you do not have the means to travel.

In many countries, it can also also be difficult to find an Easter service.

For some people, it might be impossible to go to an Easter services if you have to travel to another country for a religious event.

Some other countries have special events in their local Easter churches, such as Easter Sunday celebrations in a village.

If you plan to attend an Easter ceremony in a different country, you can contact the Easter church you wish to attend and ask about services and services in that country.

What to wear and bring for an Easter Easter service: To dress appropriately for an event that involves people of different ages, religious beliefs, and cultures, you should bring appropriate religious symbols.

This includes a headscarf, a traditional cross or other religious symbol.

A hat and veil are also a good idea.

Wear appropriate footwear to walk and run.

If necessary, bring some