The Truth About the ‘War on Women’

The “War on Woman” has never been more politically charged, but for many, it is still an important topic.

Many of us who are now women have been part of it for years and we all remember the trauma it caused us.

The war on women has been waged against women since the time of the American Revolution. 

The war against women was an attack on the very nature of the human person.

It has been used as a weapon of political warfare by men to achieve their ends.

The truth is, the war on woman has never ended.

There have been times when women were given a second chance, but the war against them never ends.

 The war on men is not the war to destroy women, it’s the war we are fighting to save them.

The War on Men has been around since the earliest days of the Civil War, but it is only now that it has reached a state of war where it is being used against us as a means of control.

In the first place, we are at war with ourselves, because we are all in the fight.

If we do not take care of ourselves, the government will be able to control the lives of the rest of us.

We must not allow ourselves to be manipulated by anyone, whether they are men, women, and children.

The women who have suffered through the war are not alone, but many of us are too.

Women are still being abused by the malevolent forces of the patriarchy.

They have been beaten and robbed.

We are still in the grip of a system that has made us subservient to the will of the powerful, even if it is not our own.

When it comes to the war with women, I believe that there is a certain beauty in being able to say, “You know what, it will not happen to me.

We will overcome.”

The war will end, but we must not let that stop us from being able have a future.