How to delete a bad history

You may have a bad memory.

Maybe you remember a few things but nothing more.

Or perhaps you have a memory of an event but nothing else.

Or maybe you have an old photo you think is from a recent event, but have no idea what that is.

That’s what happened to one British man.

This week, the memory-loss charity Mind was sent a photograph of an old picture of a child from a time when the British Isles were divided.

It was taken in 1892 when the islands were part of the Empire of Ireland.

It was taken by John and Mary White, a married couple from South Wales.

It is now one of the most famous of their photographs, and is widely known around the world.

It has become a national symbol.

The White family moved to the UK when John was 16 and Mary was 16, but their lives have been forever changed by the event.

In the past few years, the couple have had to sell their home, move to a different part of London, and have a new baby.

John and Mary are the subject of a new BBC documentary called My Last Day, which was screened at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

It explores the history of their family, from the early days of the island, when they were part-time servants, to the family reunion they had last year, when John became a father.

In that moment, they decided to go back and photograph their old family.

It’s a poignant journey through time, and it has become one of Mind’s most popular campaigns.

It also features a young couple whose lives were shaped by the memory.

The documentary will be screened on the BBC’s News at Six on Thursday at 11:30am and Friday at 11pm.

Listen to the programme on the iPlayer or on BBC iPlayer BBC News is broadcast on Radio 4 at 21:30 BST and on the World Service at 2100 GMT.

Find out more about the documentary.

Find more about memory loss Mind’s latest campaign is to give a gift of a photo from a past event to someone who needs it.

The White family are now looking for people who have photos from their childhoods, or who have memories of things that they can relate to.

You can get in touch with them on Facebook or Twitter.

If you can’t remember something, you can send your memories to the charity through the charity’s website.

Here are some things to remember to remember the past.

To be a member of Mind, you’ll need to donate money through its online donation scheme.

The first £5,000 will be given to charity of your choice.

There are no strings attached.

Mind has a donation box at the bottom of the page.

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